Clear Nose Ring Retainer, Septum Ring, BioFlex Clear Nose Stud #doublenosepiercing
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Clear Nose Ring Retainer, Septum Ring, BioFlex Clear Nose Stud #doublenosepiercing

Clear Nose Ring Nose Retainer Septum Retainer Bio Flex Clear Nose Stud 22g Nose Piercing 22g Hidden Invisible Nose Rings 22 Gauge by BLUEBERRYVELVETSHOP

Our bio flex 22 gauge nose studs and rings are perfect to make your nose piercing 'invisible'! Whether you want to hide your septum or other nose piercing, cartilage or ear piercing, our clear nose rings and nose bones are designed to be inconspicuous while still allowing your piercing to remain open. Metal-free and discreet, these studs and hoops are perfect to wear on days that you don't want to draw attention to your nose piercing! Also useful to wear during activities that require no metal jewelry or nose piercings (your workplace, job interviews, X-rays, hospital visits, court, sports, school etc) or if you need a flexible stud. Don't let your piercing shrink, our retainers are here to help! ~Clear Nose Rings: Available in clear transparent ~Nose Bones: Available in clear transparent or jet black ⚡️ View All Nose Bones Here: • • • ∙ D E T A I L S ∙ ✔ Clear Nose Ring = 22 gauge, 6mm Diameter (inner edge to inner edge) OR Black or Clear acrylic nose bone retainers. ✔ Black or Clear Nose Bone = 22 gauge, 9mm length post with small ball at the end. ✔ Flexible material that is made to move with you. ✔ Comes gift wrapped in our Blueberry Velvet pouch, Blueberry Velvet signature box and includes a Blueberry Velvet scrunchie. ∙ ∙ ∙


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